Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Geometric Nail Art

1. Two shades of blue triangles, looks simple enough to do, really like these bright blue colours for summer. Pin here.
2. Can't beat a monochrome mani eh?, very chic too. Pin here.
3. Tile prints on three nails, and two accents colours on the others, like the detail of this one. Pin here.
4. This one may look a bit hard, but using tape it can be achieved, also switching up the colours for spring. Pin here.
5. I do love a mint colour for nails, such a good colour for spring/summer I think. Pin here.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Interior Edit - Polka Dots

Polka dots, black dots on a white background are one of my favourite patterns, there just so simple and add something extra to any room. I particularly love polka dots on walls, as they can be put on one wall as a statement or on all walls to make a plain room more interesting.

Alternatively a they can be paired with a accent colour or similar patterns to create a interesting mix and cosy feel to a room.

Love polka dot printed bedding, even in a minimalist room, I also like it mix other colours to give more of a girly feel to a bedroom.

Do you have any patterns/prints you love? xxx

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


I've been umming and ahhing about having a fringe cut back in for a while now, I used to have a full fringe until I was about 12, and since then I've had a side fringe sort of thing so I'm probably not the kind of person to change their hair cut on the spur of the moment. But here are some pictures for an idea of what kind of fringe I want, something kind of shaggy, messy looking and maybe a bit layered.

What kind of hairstyles and cuts do you like at the moment? xxx

Monday, 23 March 2015

Homeware Wishlist

Some things I have been wishing for recently.

FÅRDRUP Faux Sheepskin Rug from Ikea - £10

I think this grey sheepskin rug would fit in perfect with my colour scheme at the moment on the floor or draped over a chair.

Treat Yo Self phone case from Society6 - £24

Love the turquoise and gold of this phone case, not strictly a home ware item but something I would use everyday to protect my phone.

Pineapple candle from H&M - £4.99

Mentioned this before in my fruit interiors post, though it deserved to be in wish list as I have just ordered it.

Grey Printed duvet set from H&M - £19.99

Love the pattern of this duvet set, and the simple design means different printed cushions would look good arranged over the top.

Geometric design cushion from Urban Outfitters - £45

The colours and woven design of this cushion means it would work well with other patterned cushions mixed and matched together on a sofa or bed.

C'est la vie cushion cover from H&M - £6.99

As you have noticed already I love H&M for home ware pieces and they have a lot of good things in at the moment including this printed cushion cover so I suggested you take a look.

Mini triangle cushion from Ferm Living - £38

Again another cushion, been obsessed with cushions recently as I think they add something extra to a bed or sofa and make it look more cosy and comfortable.

Samsung NX Compact Camera - £269.95

Also not a home ware item but I am going to get a good all round camera, I can use for take blog pictures and for out and about if I do lifestyle kind of posts in the future, and its mint green so why not.

Un Deux Trois Art Print from Rifle Paper Co - £34

One of two things on my wish list from the Rifle Paper Co, a French art print would look good on a wall or stood up on a surface.

Rosafolia candle from Diptyque - £44.00

A scent candle of Turkish rose, a touch of galbanum and a hint of geranium, tried the roses candle from Diptyque before and really loved the scent so I should like the similar smell of this candle.

Terrarium in gold from Urban Outfitters - £30

I have wanted a terrarium for a while and this one from Urban Outfitters is perfect and I know a good spot for it to go.

Angled Desk Lamp from Homebase - £19.99

The original desk lamp I wanted was sold out but this one is very similar and would look good on my desk or bedside table.

Wire Basket from H&M - £7.99

This would also look good on my desk to store stationary and other items to keep it tidy.

Les Femmes wall calendar from Rifle Paper Co - £18

I will probably wait until next year to get a new calendar, but this one is on sale at the moment.

Ofelia throw from Ikea - £20

Now this is the last item I promise, this throw is one of the softest and fluffiest ever, and would be lovely for cosying up on the sofa and watching TV.

Do you have any items you really want at the moment xx


Friday, 20 March 2015

Spring Street Style

Just some of my favourite spring looks from Tumblr and Pinterest. Since its the spring equinox today as well. 


Monday, 16 March 2015

Office/workspace pins

As my obsession with Pinterest continues (you can follow me here) I though I would share with you some of my favourite workspace/office inspiration pins as I have a whole board dedicated to it.

1. I love the shelving boxes in this pin and the see-through drawers of the desk

2. The simple layout and colour of the wood desk in this pin would fit perfectly in a minimalist office/study.

3. This pin is from ghostparties blog, her workspace is a dream as is her blog and obviously her flat is full of lovely home décor ideas.

4. This pin shows how you can still have a good sized work area in your living room.

5. Another simple workspace idea in this pin, lots of white with black details and the cute face on the bag at the side.

6. Love the gallery wall on this pin, the different sized frames and vintage style desk are a good idea.

7. A rustic wooden desk in front of a bright window of this pin, with a good view can inspire you while working.

8. A big desk space for two in this pin, if you can manage working next a partner.

9. Using a furry throw or blanket over a office chair is a great way to make it more comfy and cosy while working (this pin).

Saturday, 14 March 2015

New In - Denim Shirts

This season denim is very popular again, from shirts to jackets it is a versatile fabric and can be styled lots of different ways. Here are my picks of shirts new in on the high street.

1. Topshop MOTO Utility Pocket Shirt

2. Zara Oversized Denim Shirt

3. Mango Medium Denim Shirt

4. New Look Blue Faded Denim Shirt

5. H&M Denim Shirt

6. Warehouse Denim Utility Shirt

What are favourite denim pieces for this season? xx

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Fruity Interiors

I do love browsing online for different homewares, so recently I have been thinking to brighten my room up a bit, since its spring very soon and I have notice a few fruit themed items to add to my wish list.
Watermelon pieces are some of my favourite at the moment, and wall banners can add a lot to a plain wall. I already have a place in mind where it would go.
Such a nice printed cushion cover, and at a very good price. There's also one in a equally cute pear print.
These are out of stock so quickly on the website, so keep an eye out for them. In stock at the moment available in white and gold.
Also available in five different colours, this fruit print will look good on any wall in any room.
So you'll need more than one of these as they look good together right? They also have them in gold which will be making their way to me in no time.
This is from new collection just in time for spring, although it is not available on the website yet expect it to be soon.
A bright edition to any kitchen, plus its on sale so that's always a bonus for any Cath Kidston lover.
Do you have any fruit themed items you love?


Monday, 9 March 2015

Festival Style

Since summer is just around the corner (supposedly), and some festival dates and line-ups are starting to be announced. I have thought about what I would wear to one, so I have put together a few outfits on polyvore. Also to help give you some ideas if you are attending any this year.
I have taken some inspiration from last years festivals such as Coachella and v fest. I think suede and distressed denim will be quite popular as it is versatile and can be mixed and matched with other outfits.
This outfit features some palazzo trousers with a bold pattern, so I chose some more simple accessories as the trousers make a statement, and a white gypsy style Bardot top.
This cami dress is from last years Topshop boutique collection, but I think similar dresses will be trending at festivals this year, also I chose a fringed bag which isn't too big and should be able to carry all the essentials you would need during the day, again I went for some simple accessories as the dress is the main feature.
This outfit has a khaki vest, which is part of the military trend at the moment, it is paired with some fringed shorts which I love, some classic ray-bans, a mulberry backpack for carry more than the essentials, Dr Martens boots which should be comfortable for walking around the festival grounds, and some silver bracelets and layered necklaces. 
This outfit has more of the classic festival items, such as the flower crown, lace flower denim shorts and ankle boots, I also included a plain loose shirt, printed phone case and a simple cross body bag.
The last outfit has a vintage/ laidback vibe, the printed top, would also look good with white denim, but I paired it with some distressed denim shorts, ankle boots, a smaller backpack, a floppy hat to keep the sun off your face, a tribal print phone case, ray-bans and gold rings.

Are you going to any festivals this year, and what will you wear? x