Monday, 16 March 2015

Office/workspace pins

As my obsession with Pinterest continues (you can follow me here) I though I would share with you some of my favourite workspace/office inspiration pins as I have a whole board dedicated to it.

1. I love the shelving boxes in this pin and the see-through drawers of the desk

2. The simple layout and colour of the wood desk in this pin would fit perfectly in a minimalist office/study.

3. This pin is from ghostparties blog, her workspace is a dream as is her blog and obviously her flat is full of lovely home décor ideas.

4. This pin shows how you can still have a good sized work area in your living room.

5. Another simple workspace idea in this pin, lots of white with black details and the cute face on the bag at the side.

6. Love the gallery wall on this pin, the different sized frames and vintage style desk are a good idea.

7. A rustic wooden desk in front of a bright window of this pin, with a good view can inspire you while working.

8. A big desk space for two in this pin, if you can manage working next a partner.

9. Using a furry throw or blanket over a office chair is a great way to make it more comfy and cosy while working (this pin).

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