Sunday, 28 June 2015

Architecture - London

London in general is one of the places where old and new buildings are mixed together really well. My favourite areas and which are popular online with lots of photos on pinterest and tumblr are, Notting Hill, Kensington and Primrose Hill which i have been lucky to visit a few times. These are also the areas which have more greenery than others and the parks are well maintained. So as with my other posts i will share with you my favourite pictures of architecture and the buildings of London.

Do you have a list of places you want to visit? xxx

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Revlon 10 Most Wanted Nail Enamel Collection

So i went shopping last week, and this nail enamel set caught my eye, it has a good range of 10 colours and there is a mix of metallics and glosses. This collection of polishes claim to dry super quick and create a smooth, chip resistant look. It also recommends to use a base coat before applying two coats and finish with a top coat, quite a few steps if you're not patient enough to let each layer dry, but i have tried these steps and can say my nails did stay chip-free for 4 days. So i would recommend this set if your in the market for a nail polish collection with different colours for every occasion, and is fast drying.

(L-R Shades - Black Star, Ignite, Hazy, Royal, Metallic)

(L-R Shades - Grape, Vintage, Poppy, Golden, Espresso)

What is your favourite brand of nail polishes at the moment? xxx

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Dream Spaces - Kitchen

My latest dream spaces post, this ones for the kitchen, i'm running out of spaces to do too. This ones a bit different to my other posts, as my dream kitchen is more vintage and retro inspired, with pastel appliances of course, especially that smeg fridge. I have found a lot of vintage inspired items online recently even from supermarket websites, might have to place an order for things for uni. Also see if you can spot the theme between all of my dream spaces posts.

Untitled #3081

What is your favourite interior decor style at the moment? xxx

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Style Inspiration - Victoria Beckham

So Victoria Beckham is as popular as her fashion label, at the moment so she is my style inspiration for this week. Her latest's collections is one of my favourites i also love how she wears her own pieces and styles them individually. Here are some of my favourite looks she has wore while out in public.

Whose your style inspiration and what are your favourite looks of theirs? xxx

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Black & White Interior Decor

I love all things related to interior design and decor, i prefer more colour in my dream spaces sets, but i do also like black and white interiors. I think you can have an all black and white room but it still can be bright and airy if you pick the right pieces. So i have created a set on polyvore to show you how this is possible.

Untitled #3040

Key items

Home Decor shops

What are your favourite interior styles? xxx

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Style Edit - Denim Cut-Offs

After one of my sets was featured in one of polyvore's collection for 15 ways to wear black cutoffs, i thought i'd share with you some other ways i have styled cutoffs in my sets.

Untitled #2996

Untitled #2942

Untitled #2942 by keliseblog featuring a stripe shirt

Untitled #3013

Untitled #2933

Untitled #2933 by keliseblog featuring leather sandals

Untitled #2973

Untitled #2973 by keliseblog featuring short sleeve tops

Untitled #3003

Untitled #3003 by keliseblog featuring River Island

Untitled #2989

Untitled #2989 by keliseblog featuring a white embroidered top

How will you style denim cut-offs for summer? xx