Monday, 6 July 2015

Travel - Alderney, Channel Islands

At the beginning of June, i went to Alderney for a week with my family. Alderney is one of the Channel Islands, it is one of the smaller islands, which means there isn't a lot of traffic on the roads and there aren't any traffic lights or roundabouts. It is really nice to walk everywhere though. I stayed in a apartment opposite the hotel overlooking the bay which is in the picture below, 

 Found a random puffin on our walk, i think theres a puffin colony on the island though.

Also found lots of pretty pastel houses and views of the different beaches on the island.

 There are also quite a few forts when the island was occupied, some of them have been turned in homes now.

 Love the road we where staying on, had some really nice food at the divers inn, next to the hotel would recommend if anyone was ever staying on the island.

 The lighthouse on the other side of the island is still in use, and someone had used sea shells to create a feature of the wall in right hand picture.

 Footprints in the sand on a very windy day, and one of the forts which is now someone's home.

 Just a few more pictures of the bay and the back of the hotel, which looks like a row of houses rather than one building.


16-seater plane we got from Guernsey to Alderney, was only about 2000ft above the sea and landed on a grass runway eek!

Have you/are you going anywhere this year, and did you like this kind of post? xxx

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