Sunday, 30 August 2015

Interior Edit - Coastal Retreat

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I love being by the sea and coast, there are lots of different textures there such as driftwood and seashells. So i have created a set inspired by the coast, including items i think have been designed with the seaside in mind. 

Key Items

Lighting (here, here,here)

Whats your favourite interior decor style? xxx

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A/W Transition Style

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Well september is only next week, and the majority of shops will have some A/W pieces in. So i thought i'd share some transitional style for going into next season. The key for this is starting with a base outfit of a white shirt and jeans or trousers and then layering on top and adding a bit of colour. A grey sleeveless jacket with a plain backpack and trainers will give a more relaxed look. Or a bright red blazer, clutch bag and heels for a formal or going out look. Also simple accessories can be mixed and matched however you like and add a scarf or sunglasses depending on the weather.

What are your favourite pieces for going into a/w? xxx

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Off to University and what i'm studying

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So its only a month until fresher's week and when i move into the accommodation on campus, which is pretty exciting but also very scary. Going shopping for things i need especially cute mugs and tea towels has been cool though. I'm also thinking of doing a uni haul or what to take to uni, but it might be a late for some people, but there may be some things you missed. Moving to a different city as well, is going to be weird but its good because its less than an hour from home. It will be easy to go home for weekends and bring my washing back haha.

I'm going to studying Food Science and Nutrition, its pretty sciencey but it was one of my better subjects at school and i'm quite interested in nutrition and diet. Also in areas such as allergies and intolerances as my brother was on a gluten and casein free and low salicylate diet (more sciencey words). Food Science and Nutrition is important at the moment and in the future and will probably be used to help treat and reduce the effects of conditions and illnesses. 

On this course there is the option to have a year in the industry or study abroad both of which are exciting, not sure which i'd go for yet, or just do the straight three years. I can't wait to give you random tips and food info which you probably won't need but will be interesting i hope, when i learn more about the subject on my course.

Also I am going to change my post schedule, and publish them on two set days instead of three one week and two the next. I think it should easier to stick to when I start uni, although I'll probably have a week off on fresher's week.

I really like these type of lifestyle posts, let me know if you'd like to see more xxx

Monday, 17 August 2015

Brand Edit - Urban Outfitters

I love urban outfitters for fashion pieces, as the style is a little different to other high street stores, it has a mix of own brand and other brands such as Calvin Klein and BDG which i really like at the moment.

What's your favourite section at Urban Outfitters? xxx

Saturday, 15 August 2015

The Best of Pinterest - Home Decor

Home Decor pins are definitely my favourite, i've found lots of inspiration for when i get my own place in the future (read far future). So in this post which is the second in my kind of mini series, i am sharing some of my best-loved pins from my Home Decor board.

What is your favourite category on Pinterest? xxx

Thursday, 13 August 2015

GHD V Gold Max Styler

I had been a lover of GHD for years now, and my older gold styler has lasted for a few years. So i thought it was time to upgrade to a new styler. This one has bigger plates as my hair is very thick and it usually takes almost an hour to straighten all my hair which is my everyday style. It does heat up quite a bit quicker than my old one, although you need a good grip to make sure the plates clamp the hair properly. Also i have only needed to go over each section of hair twice, which is pretty great and the fact it has a plate guard will be good for travelling.

What hair tools do you like to use? xxx

Monday, 10 August 2015

Architecture - English CountrySide

The UK has a brilliant mix of architecture from different ages and more modern designs, Here are some photos from my pinterest, which show more traditional buildings across England. Country cottages with thatched roofs and climbing flowers around the doors in particular are my favourite.

Which country or city has your favourite architecture? xxx