Friday, 30 October 2015

Style Edit - Printed Scarves

Hey, i'm back to blogging hopefully now! The past few weeks have been really mad, but i think i've settled in and got into a routine at uni and should be able to continue posting and i have managed to post two outfits a day on polyvore. So it is definitely autumn in the UK now and hats, scarves and gloves are out for winter in the shops.

Recently i have seen people styling scarves a bit differently, and there are a lot of printed and checked scarves in the shops, so i have put together may favourite street style looks and my own outfits from polyvore to show i would style a printed scarf.

Untitled #3602

Untitled #3423

Untitled #3586

Untitled #3575

Untitled #3605

Untitled #3578

Do you style your scarves any differently or have any other ideas? xxx

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