Saturday, 14 November 2015

Bedside Table Night Time Essentials

Just thought i'd show you what products are on my bedside table, or technically its like a shelf just at the side of my bed but ya know. These are what i use every night when i get into bed and have already cleansed and moisturised. I usually keep them on the shelf just in case i forget when i'm in the bathroom, but remember if there on that shelf for some reason.

Anyway lets start with the Vaseline lip therapy rosy lips, this is a tinted lip balm i use it in the mornings but sometimes at night as well, its scent i quite nice, obviously a rose smell but not too strong or like old rose soap that people put in their drawers. It does the job and better for me plus the almond in it helps to keep your lips moisturised nearly all day.

Now the Yes to Carrots moisturising eye cream, i have mentioned this before, so it must be good if i'm still using it! It works well in my routine, i apply it after moisturising day and night. Also it helps my under-eye makeup to sit well until i take my makeup off at night.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar A.I. Targeted Breakout Corrector, quite a long name ehh? kinda does what it says in the name, i use this over spots and scars and where i can feel spots developing. It has helps to reduce scars but it takes quite a while so don't expect instant results but stick to it, i have seen results from it.

Next the Simple Revitalising Eye Roll-on, i have used this for years, its so nice to use first thing in a morning or last thing at night to soothe the eye area if its a bit puffy.

Finally Soap and Glory Hand Dream Super Cream, i love the scent of this and the fact it sinks in pretty quickly, although there's always something i need to do just after i've used it typical, and also the consistency its not too thick but just enough to moisturise my hands before i go to sleep.

What are your bedside table essentials for morning or night time? xxx