Saturday, 31 December 2016

Homeware Wishlist 2017

Wow 2017 is just hours away, I wonder what the new year will bring! So I thought I'd include a quick wishlist of home decor pieces for my uni room. I have received and bought a few things from this list already. The kind of colour theme in my room is grey, white and touches of pink and I have included all the links for the items below for you.

Key Items

Tealight Holders (here, here)

Do you have any plan for New Year's and have a good one! xxx

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Style Edit - Winter Party Inspiration

The season for Christmas and New Year's Eve is definitely here! So I have being putting together a few ideas for outfits, just in case you know I might be invited to one and I have shared them with you below. 

Untitled #4367

Untitled #4367 by keliseblog featuring a stretch cotton t shirt

Untitled #4358

Untitled #4358 by keliseblog featuring a long sleeve short romper

Untitled #4338

Untitled #4338 by keliseblog featuring a white top

Untitled #4352

Untitled #4352 by keliseblog featuring Monica Vinader

Untitled #4308

Untitled #4308 by keliseblog featuring a collared shirt

Untitled #4332

Untitled #4332 by keliseblog featuring leather booties

Untitled #4273

Untitled #4298

Untitled #4298 by keliseblog featuring mens band rings

Are you invited to any parties this winter? xxx

Saturday, 3 December 2016

10 Christmas DIYs to try

So it's the month of Christmas already haha, and I've been back on Pinterest recently and found some really good diys for Christmas decorations and gifts, I thought I would share them with you to try as well.

1. Clay Star Lights (here)

2. Mini Christmas Tree Wreath (here)

3. Over sized Snowflakes (here)

4. Paper Lanterns (here)

5. Peppermint Bath Salts (here)

6. Pom - Pom Wreath (here)

7. Town Shadow Candle Jar (here)

8. Fur Letters (here)

9. Rustic Felt Christmas Trees (here)

10. Paper Parcel Garland Lights (here)

Do you have any handmade Christmas Decorations up this year? xxx

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Brand Edit - Oysho Loungewear

Its been much chillier recently, and now I have done most of my Christmas shopping, I just want to stay inside and wrap presents. I am doing a Secret Santa with my housemates this year, quite excited to have a little gift giving thing too. So for this time, super warm and cosy lounge wear is very much needed, and I have found this brand that fits the bill called Oysho on asos recently. They have lots of different pieces ranging from sports wear to swim wear and most importantly lounge wear, my favourite. So I wanted to share some of my favourite items including some (this and this) I may just have ordered on Black Friday.

Are you living in pyjamas and lounge wear like me at the moment ? xxx

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Interior Edit - Cosy Winter Home Design

I have been lacking in the blog post ideas department recently, but since Christmas is only next month and the Christmas lights have been turned on in Leeds and all the shopping centers, I have been feeling a bit inspired to get back to some of my favourite posts for home decor inspiration for this time of the year. So here is one of my new creations of a cosy winter home and some ideas below for key items to make your home or room, feel warm and inviting in winter.

Key Pieces

Autunm Candles (here, here, here)

Cushions (here, here, here, here)

Throws and Blankets (here, here)

What are your favourite things for making your home or room super cosy for winter? xxx

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Winter Style Inspiration

With the recent reports of there being a ice blast to hit England sometime, I am so ready to break out the jumpers and coats already, so obviously I have also been putting together some outfit ideas for a colder winter and taking inspiration from street style looks on pinterest, featuring shearling jackets and faux fur coats and lots of layering, so here are a few looks I like at the moment.

Where do you get your seasonal style inspiration from?

Friday, 30 September 2016

Decorating your room at uni

I've just moved into my house for the second year of uni this week. I will have a bit more freedom to decorate my room more than I did in halls, which is exciting to be able to put up fairy lights and wall art. Also have candles in my room, missed being able to have a candle lit in the evening. I am going to keep my decor quite neutral but have a few brighter items like wall prints, cushions and a few little plants for a bit of greenery. I'm hoping to do a room tour or something when I've had chance to decorate how I like it. So here are a few ideas from pinterest if you are moving into halls or a house for university, or even if you want to change your own room up a bit.

Also there are a lot of checklists and tips out there,

Shop Suggestions

Wilkos - storage boxes, cleaning items, and glasses and cups

Asda - cutlery, dinner sets, and cups 

Primark - cheaper bedding, cushions and little decorations

B&M - found a message light box there for 7.99, also have good range of lighting

Ikea - basically everything really

Paperchase - don't need fancy stationary, but it helps! also cute photo frames

Hope this has helped with some ideas, and have a great time if your starting uni soon xxx