Saturday, 28 May 2016

Style Edit - Summer Sandals

I love these kind of sandals, being simple or the ones with lots of detail, pom poms and tassels. A trend I have seen a lot recently online and shops. Here are some of my sets from Polyvore which feature some sandals and how I have styled them. Also I know I've been away off the blog for a while, but now I'm done for summer and should be able to post more often and have a travel post soon too.

Untitled #4021

Untitled #4021 by keliseblog featuring shoulder handbags
Untitled #4026

Untitled #4026 by keliseblog featuring a rebecca minkoff purse

Untitled #3985

Untitled #3985 by keliseblog featuring a leather purse

Untitled #4031

Untitled #4031 by keliseblog featuring strap sandals

Untitled #4009

Untitled #4009 by keliseblog featuring ASOS

Untitled #3974

Untitled #4007

Untitled #4007 by keliseblog featuring lace up sandals

Untitled #3983

Untitled #3983 by keliseblog featuring multi colored gladiator sandals

Do you have any favourite type of sandals and how would you style them for summer ? xxx

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Travel Essentials - Beauty

New Post - Beauty Travel Essentials

Although I'm not going on holiday until July, I can't help but be excited to go and start thinking of things i will need to take. So in this post i have put together a set of most of the beauty things i would be taking in my suitcase. With these cute slogan wash and makeup bags from lola and glibert. These items are mainly aimed towards a beach holiday, but i would add or change things depending on where i would be going. I have also included things for simple makeup and skincare, as i don't use too many things while i'm on holiday usually.

Key Items

Muslin/face cloth

What else would you take on holiday with you? xxx