Friday, 30 September 2016

Decorating your room at uni

I've just moved into my house for the second year of uni this week. I will have a bit more freedom to decorate my room more than I did in halls, which is exciting to be able to put up fairy lights and wall art. Also have candles in my room, missed being able to have a candle lit in the evening. I am going to keep my decor quite neutral but have a few brighter items like wall prints, cushions and a few little plants for a bit of greenery. I'm hoping to do a room tour or something when I've had chance to decorate how I like it. So here are a few ideas from pinterest if you are moving into halls or a house for university, or even if you want to change your own room up a bit.

Also there are a lot of checklists and tips out there,

Shop Suggestions

Wilkos - storage boxes, cleaning items, and glasses and cups

Asda - cutlery, dinner sets, and cups 

Primark - cheaper bedding, cushions and little decorations

B&M - found a message light box there for 7.99, also have good range of lighting

Ikea - basically everything really

Paperchase - don't need fancy stationary, but it helps! also cute photo frames

Hope this has helped with some ideas, and have a great time if your starting uni soon xxx